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The New Consumer Online

RRP $272.99

It's a new world online, where consumers can publish their writing and gain a public presence, even a mass audience. This book links together blogging, writing reviews for Yelp, and creating pinboards for Pinterest, all of which provide ordinary people the opportunity to display their tastes to strangers. Edward McQuarrie shows how the operation of taste in consumption has been changed by the Internet and offers a fresh perspective on why websites like Yelp and Pinterest have become so successful. Drawing on Bourdieu and Campbell to support his thesis, Edward McQuarrie uncovers what is new online by: * presenting a sociological perspective on what consumers do online and contrasting it to more familiar economic, psychological and ethnographic views * reinterpreting Bourdieu's idea of cultural capital to understand the success of fashion bloggers * showing how the meaning of taste and what it means to dress fashionably have changed with the Web * explaining why online reviews cannot be considered word-of-mouth and therefore cannot be understood using that idea * examining why Pinterest is so attractive to female consumers while relating Pinterest to Walter Benjamin's ideas about how mechanical reproduction changes the meaning of art. This book will be valuable to students and scholars interested in consumer research, marketing, and sociology, specifically those who seek an alternative to purely psychological and economic explanations for what consumers do online.

Online Public Engagement

RRP $432.99

Online Public Engagement outlines the range of options, opportunities and the potential challenges of using online technologies to enhance and expand public engagement. The book orients urban and community planners, local government officials, economic development and other policy developers, who need to gather public involvement to guide strategic planning and program development.

Because online technologies are characterized by rapid change and swift evolution of specific platforms and methods, the book focuses on establishing a solid understanding of the strengths and limitations of online technologies, as well as an intellectual and practical basis for analyzing and selecting online options. Specific current technologies are used as examples and case studies, but are incorporated judiciously due to the frequently short shelf life of specific online platforms.

The book walks readers through the key steps to successfully implementing online public engagement tools:

  • issues that necessitate an online public engagement strategy

  • levels of public engagement

  • engagement planning and preparation

  • technical considerations

  • and case studies using a range of tools.

Local government and related professionals and officials are under increasing pressure to use online public engagement tools, due to budget cuts, popular demand for transparency and involvement, and increasing project complexity. The first of its kind,Online Public Engagement will give them an opportunity to more effectively evaluate their needs and potential for online public engagement, without being tied to a specific platform.

Your Online Degree

RRP $16.99

Deciding on an online degree is a major decision and should not be taken lightly. You are investing time and money on your future. Many students who do not plan ahead or properly simply drop out and this is a waste of time and money. If you are considering an online degree or just taking some classes for licensing, this book will take you from having an idea to attend an online school to graduating. The information will help you understand the types of schools available and how you can find the right one for you. You will also find some useful tips for success.

A Friendly Guide To Exam Success

RRP $12.99

In " A Friendly Guide to Exam Success" Grumpy Old Teacher passes on to secondary school students the best hints and tips he learned and taught during his 37 years of teaching, to help them have the best opportunity to do their very best in tests and exams. He helps them understand how they learn best, how to cope with stress, how to revise, how to take notes, how to learn from mistakes, even how best to cram (if they really have to!). And much more besides. This is a book to be read, to be scribbled on, to be used in and out of school, for classwork and homework, for revision, for preparation for tests, and for after tests. And, of course for exams! Let the student add his or her own notes, then pass the book on, with this additional wisdom of theirs, to younger brother or sister. Above all, this is a book to be taken seriously. It means business!

Nonlinear Control Of Engineering Systems

RRP $574.99

Recent advancements in Lyapunov-based design and analysis techniques have applications to a broad class of engineering systems, including mechanical, electrical, robotic, aerospace, and underactuated systems. This book provides a practical yet rigorous development of nonlinear, Lyapunov-based tools and their use in the solution of control-theoretic problems. Rich in motivating examples and new design techniques, the text balances theoretical foundations and real-world implementation.

Features include:

* Control designs for a broad class of engineering systems

* Presentation of adaptive and learning control methods for uncertain nonlinear systems

* Experimental testbed descriptions and results that guide the reader toward techniques for further research

* Development of necessary mathematical background in each chapter; additional mathematical prerequisites contained in two appendices

Intended for readers who have some knowledge of undergraduate systems theory, the book includes a wide range of applications making it suitable for an extensive audience. Graduate students and researchers in control systems, robotics, and applied mathematics, as well as professional engineers will appreciate the worka (TM)s combination of theoretical underpinnings and current and emerging engineering applications.


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